Wednesday , 16 August 2017
VIVA-Mayaguez- Marrero-Collection

Viva Mayaguez magazine features Marrero Collection

Well, it REALLY doesn’t get old… especially on a magazine from the beautiful island of Puerto Rico.

I’m so excited that my line, The Marrero Collection, keeps getting press, and this time from the place I was born, Mayaguez. Who would have thought after SOOO many years to have my name on the front cover of this┬áglossy magazine. I know that most of my readers might not understand what the article says but let’s just say, it’s all good! ­čÖé

Here is the cover, LOVE IT!


The Article, love it more!


So excited to be part of their anniversary issue!

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  1. you are blowing up! This is so amazing!!!!!

  2. Simply awesome Carlos! You rock!!!!


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