Monday , 22 January 2018

My Illustration of Fashion Icon Blake Lively published in two Magazines

I had the honor to work again with the brilliant editor of Aventura, inWeston & inDoral magazine, Lori Capullo Lawrence. Our working relationship goes way back- think Versace days in Miami Beach.

We have worked together in many projects through multiple publications, from Ocean Drive, Channels, Fashion Spectrum, 95 East, Aventura and now she commissioned my work for inDoral & inWeston magazines. I was so excited to hear from her and thrilled to illustrate her idea.

A full-page illustration with “5 fall runway trends you gotta have”  I had to have, fashion icon & actress, Blake Lively wearing all 5 trends. The magic of illustration! I was even able to give ideas on some of the trends… FASHION STYLIST!

Here is the way the Illustration looked published.


I had so much fun with this image and the Art Director did a killer job designing the rest of the page!

Winter florals, ruffles, wide belt, furry bags & embellished shoes… I mean come on,  how can you not get excited to get this assignment.

Hope that the page was a success so I can do more in the future Lori!  😉



I Love what I do!

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