Monday , 26 June 2017

Gold Coast Magazine features the new SeaHorse Marrero Collection scarf

I am thrilled that Gold Coast Magazine featured one of my newest Marrero Collection scarves on their Summer 2015 issue.

Gold Coast ‘s Fort Lauderdale Daily is your insider’s guide to Fort Lauderdale’s restaurants, attractions, real estate, shopping, and cultural scene.

My Sea Horse scarf was selected for the WHAT TO PACKEverything you need for a weekend getaway section.


This limited edition scarf features 3 sea horses, fun Coral and nautical navy, red and golden stripped border.

I decided to keep going with the bohemian chic look, but adding a bit of a resort wear twist.


To order your Marrero scarf click here




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  1. Seahorses have always been a favorite, and now you’ve combined them, scarves, and bohemian… You KNOW BB’s gotta get one! BB2U

  2. Awesome! Love the scarf color schemes!

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